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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

get over yourself, dorotha!

is it because i need to do laundry? no. today i am wearing a ridiculous outfit for no better reason than i felt a little silly this morning. i am wearing my boba fett t-shirt, a lavendar training bra* with floral print, superman underwear that look like boy's briefs, pants that i cut off at shin level, socks with green monkey heads, my chuck's, and pigtails. why? don't i get enough attention? i might as well start riding a unicycle to school or juggling flaming batons in public parks!

last night i asked angela and rebekah what i could do to make myself more lovable. rebekah suggested that i work on my jimmy durante impersonation. i have one, but it is sort of unintentional. it is actually an imitation of a "crispy critters" commercial from 1987 which features a cartoon character singing in the style of jimmy durante.

* not actually a training bra, but it might as well be. it is sort of a stretchy tube with some straps.
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