the wrong side of the bed

Sunday, June 13, 2004

if my life lasted only one day, i'd still be drunk by noon.

well, i need to pick up a refill on my meds (one of my meds). i decided, as a sort of game for myself, to see what would happen if i skipped a couple of days. you know, see what it will be like if i ever (please don't make me) go off my meds. in this particular case, after two days of no effexor, i woke up feeling totally drunk. not in a particularly good way, more in a lack of coordination way. standing up is a bit hard. my head is spinning. i keep walking in to things. anyway, in a few minutes, i'm going to be getting in my car and driving over to the GHC pharmacy to pick up my flimsy grip on an anxiety free life. is this a good idea? i'll let you know if i make it home...

p.s. note to my shrink: why am i still having panic attacks almost daily? i'm ready for my soma vacation, thanks.
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