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Sunday, June 06, 2004


yes, i screwed up my last post. i know, i know. i forgot to have anything correspond to the asterik after cassidy's name. rather than just go back in fix it, i thought i would make a whole new entry. i have an odd habit of pointing out my mistakes. if i mispeak, i tend to say the word again. if something comes out in a goofy voice, i continue to use the goofy voice. if i err in blogging, i blog some more.

this is what should have been at the end of my last entry:

* cassidy is upset with me for using "cassidy" as her name. she doesn't read my blog, but i told her that i had given her family fake names to protect their identities. she is fine with "simon" for her son and "aaron" for her spouse, but thinks it is mean of me to use the name she would have named a child if she had had one in high school. cassidy says that it is a good thing she didn't have a baby while in her teen years in part because of the horrible name she would have given him/her. she also says i could have chosen the name "sage" for her because that is the other name she would have assigned a child when she was younger. i didn't know this, so it can't be helped. my sister would also like me to tell my readers that if i had a baby while in high school, i would have named her/him zilpha. yes, i know. it is terrible. i actually tried to get people to call me zilpha when i was in 9th grade because i was so dissatisfied with the name dorotha. i've gotten used to it, so dorotha i shall remain.
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