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Monday, June 21, 2004


last week, at my parents' urgings, i finally got a cell phone. partly for safety reasons and partly for convenience. my mother worries about me up here in the cold north. if i have a cell phone i guess it means that i can call 911 that much more easily from the side of the road. some of her fears are valid. when i lived in austin, i had an endless supply of family members that i could call in an emergency. if my car broke down, i always called my sister first, no matter what. but, i have no family here. instead of that built in safety network i have friends and a cell phone. practically the same thing.

i didn't just get a cell phone in case my car breaks down or i am being followed home from school by an axe murderer. i also got it because last semester, no one could ever reach me. i was always at school or union meetings. it got to the point where my friends stopped calling me. cassidy told me that my nephew simon wouldn't call me anymore because i wouldn't be there (dagger in the heart. thanks, sis!). so now i have a cell phone so that all of my hordes of admirers can reach me. only, it just serves to make my life lonlier. i get few emails, few calls on my land line, and almost no calls at all on my cell.

i think i am going to hang a banner out my bedroom window that says "please be my friend!"
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