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Monday, June 14, 2004

the people that you meet when you're walking down the street

so, what do you do when you see your respondents in public? i almost always want to talk to them. i sincerely like all of the guys i interviewed (with the exception of the crazy, unemployed, ice-fisherman who kept asking me out for drinks). i remember that the day i interviewed the guy who was at the show last night it was the first day that i wore my pink skull and crossbone vans. i was pretty excited about them and he was, too. anyway, i didn't say anything to him last night, but i think he looked at me a few times, probably trying to place why i looked familiar.

on another note, in my mind related, but perhaps not to you, tonight is the night that i am going for drinks with my students. i'm meeting them at the terrace at 8pm. i can't decide how much like myself to act. i really am a little off-putting when i am full force dorotha. despite what they think, i was reserved when i taught. i just don't know if i will be able to contain myself. i've never had students want to hang out with me before. okay, three students in the past have expressed that they wanted to eat lunch with me, but they never followed through. anyway, i'm nervous about tonight.
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