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Thursday, June 24, 2004

pink touches down only 2% of the time

michelle is moving soon. liz and i went over to her house tonight to help her get it ready for an open house this weekend. i think that the highlight for me was introducing michelle and liz to the wonderful world of the mr. clean magic eraser. if you haven't used one of these, you absolutely need to. i'm not all about random product placement in my blog, but i will make an exception for this. the magic eraser is the perfect way to obsessively clean a linoleum floor or other slightly porous surface. not only will your floors be cleaner than you ever thought possible (without using dental tools), but the results are amazing enough to keep three grown women captivated for 20 minutes of cleaning the floor on hands and knees. before we started magic erasing, i would have said that the highlight was barely making it into Target before a funnel cloud threw sheds from the nearby Menard's into the street. the cleaning power of the magic eraser is more awesome than mighty tornadic activity.

i guess the low point of the evening had to be when, knowing a panic attack was building all evening, i finally had one while painting michelle's basement. in retrospect, it is sort of funny that i decided the best solution to this problem was to lay down on the floor in the basement. did i even manage to put the paint brush away? what did i say to liz when she looked over and found me sprawled on the floor? i should have pretended the fumes got to me.
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