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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

posting out of sense of duty

i had all of these things that i wanted to report back on after my evening with my friends suloni and joe, but i was awfully tired when i got home. i may just make another boring list of things that happened to me yesterday. it should probably get more interesting as the list progresses. maybe.

1. monkey boy called me around ten to request my assistance in helping to remove their old washer and dryer from their home. he and the small grey thing are moving pretty much* right after their wedding. the sold the washer and gave the dryer to habitat for humanity. anyway, it was pretty hot yesterday and i was also really hungry. i got kind of woozy feeling and really weak. after the washer and dryer event, we went to Waterloo Records (which has lots of texas music) cuz MB and TSGT had a gift certificate and i needed a birthday present for aaron. i was pretty much starving by this time, but we still shopped for a while. in the car on the way to lunch, i felt like i might pass out. eventually, we got to Veggie Heaven (a delicious all vegetarian restuarant that serves a dish called Protein 2000 that i eat every time i go home). i could barely eat anything and had less than half of my bubble tea. i told MB and TSGT that i should probably rest for a bit when we got back to their place, but really what happened was i got to their house, went to their bedroom, and then decided i had actually better go to the bathroom and violently expell the contents of my stomach. lesson: it is hot in texas. do not get overheated and then eat. even if you are starving and the food is extra good. you will just lose it later.

2. i finally hung out with joe and suloni last night after much laying on of guilt by joe! we got pizza, ice cream, and a movie. the movie we watched was "Fog of War". i'm still not recovered. it is pretty bleak. i highly recommend watching it. it isn't a regular movie about the inhumanity of war. it is all about the inhumanity of strategizing about war. god, it was terrible to watch. robert mcnamara was... creepy and intelligent. creepy because he is smart and still did the things he did. i mean, i guess on some level i always think that the people in charge of our country at any given time are a bunch of boobs. but, here is this man who is intelligent doing things in a calculated way and still killing the hell out of a whole bunch of people. ugh.

3. after the movie they showed me their collection of old prints from nature books. it was fantastic. they have a lot of pages from books from the 1600 and 1700's that are phenomenal. some of them are disturbing images of animals that people thought existed but didn't really. you know, drawings of reports of strange beasts that the artist only heard about second hand. joe suggested that it was sort of like playing a game of visual telephone.

4. joe mandated a task for me as a sociologist that i think is too much for me to shoulder alone. he thinks sociology should make a greater effort to inform the public. don't we wish! i can barely teach my students. so, sociologists reading this, the onus is on you. i entrust you. take that!

* ang and i shared a student (no, not like that!) who would always say "pretty much, blah, blah, blah..." now the phrase "pretty much" peppers my speech. last night i actually had a dream in which the "pretty much" kid played a small role. i was hanging out in some kind of waiting room with loopy and "pretty much" roller bladed up for a chat. that was it. boring dream.
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