the wrong side of the bed

Friday, June 18, 2004


i was talking to my sister yesterday about a paper i wrote with a friend of mine and she mentioned that my brother might be having a rough time finding a job in new orleans (where he just moved). monkey boy isn't certified to teach in louisiana, so he was just going to try for jobs at private schools. anyway, she thought, i guess, since i NEVER found a job when i moved out to new haven with my ex, that i might have some kind of advice or sympathy to offer the boy. it has only been a week, but it can be a hard adjustment to make when you move somewhere for someone else.

when i called monkey boy, he told me that not only did he have an interview after one stupid week in town, but they offered him a job on the spot! i told monkey boy that he obviously lives a charmed life. he didn't like it when i said that.
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