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Saturday, June 12, 2004

take me to your favorite covered bridge

my good friend monrovia is getting married the day after my birthday next year. i spoke to her on the phone just a few minutes ago. as has become my custom ever since i found out about her intended nuptials, i promptly burst into tears after ending communication with her. i can't even read emails without freaking out my officemates!

anyway, we discussed friendships we had with people in our past. i only maintain one friendship with someone i knew in high school. my friend kim and i were very similar in our goals and such when we were young. now things are very different. i was telling monrovia that one thing that makes me current friendship with kim so awkward (at times) is that we seemed to start off on the same trajectory, but we have come to such different outcomes. i feel like i have stuck to my guns better than kim, but then again, our lives took some very different turns. mostly hers. maybe i have just been in a period of relative stasis since i was five.

when we were 17, kim and i planned on living together when we were older. we were going to adopt kids. we wanted to make our own organic tofu. i guess i am not doing those things, even without kim.

at least i'm still a vegetarian. i guess.
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