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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

they're never gonna get what they wish they had - affection!

the first person i ever dated i met just before i turned 20* (i'm a late bloomer, ya caught me!). he won me over with a sly trick known as "the mix tape." it is still one of my favorite tapes, and i like a lot of the bands i do because of him and it. the song that "sealed the deal" (as the kids say) was "Affection" by Jonathan Richman.

I just found the track listing... let me reproduce it here:

Emily: John Cale
Lovers from the Moon: Magnetic Fields
Little Atoms: Elvis Costello
Soul Soldier: Throwing Muses
A Complete History of Sexual Jealosy (Parts 17-24): Momus
Tempter: Stereolab
Don't Ask Why: My Bloody Valentine
Itchy Chin: Heavenly
Love Ruins Everything: Lloyd Cole
Blood Bank Man: Ed's Redeeming Qualities
I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud: Julian Cope
Drivin' on 9: Breeders
Paradiso: Chameleons
Dying to Hear from You: Miles Dethmuffen
Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window? Bob Dylan
Geek the Girl: Lisa Germano
Way Down Now: World Party
Outta Me, Onto You: Ani DiFranco
Bonnie and Clyde: Mick Harvey & Anita Lane
Hardly Wait: PJ Harvey
Affection: Jonathan Richman
Digging My Feet in the Ground: Smack Dab
The Petticoat Waltz: Stephanie Sayers
See Emily Play: David Bowie

and, um, he ended it with a poem he wrote for me. yikes! but, really, like i said before, it was all about "Affection".

* he was 28. the same age i am now.
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Jonathan Richman.

I was 20 the first time I saw the man in concert. My best friend Hollie had dasies to give him because he was "the only man we'd let hug us."

My former made me three Jojo mix tapes early on(including rare and live versions of songs off English radio). I had A Real McCoy [Modern] Lover in Young Farad.

Mix Tape Warning Here:
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