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Thursday, June 24, 2004

why don't you come with me, little girl, on a magic eraser ride!

you know, i get very little in the way of reader response to my blog. part of the problem is that i talk to the people who read my blog all the time, and blogging is almost an extenuation of those conversations, so there is no need to write me to say, "dorotha, i read your blog and blah, blah, blah.." so, imagine my delight at receiving the following email from an out-of-state reader!

i'm going to have to agree with you about that magic eraser... phwhoo! i found out about it from MathMan and MathMan found out about it from her mom who found out about it from her sister, etc.. how bout that packaging? it's so non-descript. you can't figure out where the magic is coming from. there's no ingredients listed, or anything. i guess they are just assuming word will travel about the magic and the product will speak for itself. well, they're right. i want to meet the genius magician behind it. "explain to us how you made the magic." and they will smile and say "not a chance, crazy!" and we'll laugh with each other and go ice-skating (or walk in park, the fantasy varies).

the funny thing is that it is true. i've seen maybe one commercial for the magic eraser. in it, it appears to be a regular sponge. at every store where i have looked, the magic eraser is nearly impossible to find (a tip: look up high). the packaging reveals nothing about how the product works. instead it tells you at what point to discard the eraser. mr. clean is not letting the cat out of the bag about this one, i guess.

i found out about the magic eraser from my sister. i called her one day while she happened to be cleaning the floor on hands and knees. she has a giant house with a lot of linoleum. it actually took her days to finish the job, but i'm sure it was worth it.
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