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Monday, July 05, 2004


that's the time on my microwave. my computer reads 12:43. blogger seems to think that it is 12:35. my VCR says 12:40. it has been bothering me lately that none of my timepieces reads the same time. i have been walking in the mornings with carey and lisa. we meet on a corner near the epicenter of our residences at 8:00am. i would like to get there at exactly 8:00am because it would reduce the amount of time i stand around looking awkward on the sidewalk next to a major street. i can't figure out when to leave my house. i don't know what time it is. even if i did know, i don't know what time carey and lisa have. synchronicity. my microwave reads 12:42 now.
12:35 AM


I'm not sure epicenter is the right word for what you mean. Anyway, the template is looking good, although I wish you could jettison the blog*spot ad. It's irritating that they go to such lengths to coordinate the content of the ad with the content of one's blog, but do nothing to match the colors.
Blogger jeremy, at 1:12 AM  
I thought you actually picked the template to match the Blogger ad box! -- it's that good a pairing. The more interesting Q is why you have that box to begin with. When I changed my template, the box disappeared, for no reason that I understand. THIS IS NOT AN INVITATION TO START MESSING WITH YOUR TEMPLATE AGAIN! It looks great.
Blogger nina, at 7:06 AM  
oh.... i don't know. i realize epicenter isn't the best word, but i still like it. i think it is more as if we are tethered to that spot by bungee cords.

sorry to disappoint you yet again, jeremy. i resolve to try harder to please you.

i think i can remove the blogger banner at the top pretty easily, but i actually find it amusing. i like to see what it comes up with for my posts.
Blogger dorotha, at 8:42 AM  

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