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Friday, July 02, 2004

double fresh, double cool, double delicious to chew!

as many of you know, i saw my shrink yesterday to talk about adjusting my meds. she decided it was probably best to double them. here's how the conversation went:

"i'm wondering if i should double your Effexor? do you think i should?"
"um... you're the doctor. what do you think?"
"well, doctors don't know everything. how does your body react to the Effexor?"
"fine, i guess. i had a much harder time with Celexa"
"well, if you don't notice any side effects, i think it is safe to move you up."
"what are the side effects?"
"if you don't know, i'm not going to tell you!"
"good point."

with that, she wrote my scripts and arranged an "urgent" appointment with my therapist. we chatted for awhile and then she said:

"so, you may notice some forgetfulness..."
"well, that's great since i am taking a prelim and have to remember everything about social psychology!"
"well, it is either some forgetfulness, or else you are going to have so much anxiety you can't study or focus anyway, right?"
"um... yeah. that's true. well great."

it's scylla and charybdis, you guys.
5:35 PM


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