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Thursday, July 29, 2004

goodbye george bush international airport, hello dane county regional airport!

yesterday mom and i went to the new grocery store in the woodlands (a real hometown tm.).  for non texans, this won't make sense, but it is almost like H.E.B. Central Market in austin.  i was hoping that it would sell organic meat, and it does have a small selection, but not quite as much as i wanted.  mom and dad started eating meat again.  dad was practically vegetarian for about five years and they never had much around the house, but then my parents started doing the whole atkins thing and it started showing up with a vengance.  i figure that my parents have a substantial enough financial cushion that they should be buying organic when they can.  so, mom and i thoroughly inspected the meat section of the store.  they had organic buffalo, lamb, pork, and ostrich, but no organic beef that we could find.  they also had rattlesnake.  i have never in my days seen rattlesnake meat.  it was a lot bigger than would have been expected - as thick as my forearm!  it was $23.99 a pound.  i think i wouldn't recommend eating rattlesnake unless you were out in a desert with a gun and really needed some food. 

the store also had an interesting international foods section.  most grocery stores just have some asian and latin american stuff, but they had foods from central africa (lots of yam flour), poland, and south america that i had never seen before.  it was fun wandering around there.  i have to say, i'm not as much of a foodie as my friends, but i really do enjoy eating new things.  i especially want to try central african cuisine now. 

anyway, continuing our international theme, mom and i are going to the NEW! houston ikea tonight.  the old ikea in houston was one of the smallest, and this one will have a much bigger selection, including fabric.  i'm pretty excited.  i feel so predictable, but i really like scandanavian design.

tomorrow i fly back to madison from the intercontinental airport in houston, reccently renamed for our former prez.  i feel a little bit icky every time i am there.  i will just be passing through, so hopefully no bush cooties will rub off on me.  it is bad enough that i share a birthplace with W, but did those bush's have to ruin texas, too? 

is anyone available to pick me up from the madison airport tomorrow afternoon?
8:55 AM


Rattlesnake is tasty.

I'm just sayin.
Blogger brady, at 10:36 AM  
I would be able too- what time do you get in Dorotha?
Blogger knit wit, at 11:13 AM  

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