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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

i quit, i give up

someone sent all of the union officers an email this morning alerting them to my incompetence in my position.  it is a volunteer position  and i do suck at it and i am resigning as soon as we can find someone to fill the spot.  it is a job that requires attention to detail and i have none.  it isn't as if i tend to look at the "big picture" either.  in fact, i don't know what i am paying attention to.  do i spend my days looking out windows?  maybe just looking at windows.
9:45 AM


Vile person. Do not take any of this to heart. You can look out my big picture windows any time.
Blogger Belle Reve, at 10:33 AM  
get out now while you're still alive!!!!

i'm sooooo much better now that they no longer have me in their tentacles.

that place is putrid and festering and they will only drag you deeper into the oooze that is the union local office politics. it's a bad, bad, bad, bad, scene and you should run for your life.

i'll even hug you if you leave them and that's no hollow promise!

run Dorotha, run!
Blogger sep, at 1:59 PM  
seriously. what crap is this? criticizing a volunteer for crying out loud. I strongly echo Sir Edwin's call to run. A volunteer ought to be appreciated, not slammed and made to feel bad. If they want it done differently, let them do it themselves. If you resign now (before they have a replacement) you'll force one of the complainers to the job they complained about.
Blogger knit wit, at 2:30 PM  
You gotta love the people in our union. They're the kind of people who, when they get a brand new car for their birthday, say, "What, a green one?! Who has a green car?" Ef 'em.

Also, I would think that there are much more important things for the union to worry about. Like, for example, the fact that no one cares about it or wants to have any part in it. You know.
Blogger A+, at 3:39 PM  
actually, the email came from a member, so it is a little more shame-inducing for me. i mean, if it just came from Bobble Head or You Know Who, i wouldn't give a shit.
Blogger dorotha, at 3:41 PM  
a member?? Very odd. I mean what kind of member would send such an email? They may not be an office but they must be someone who is very involved- like a steward, or some other kind of volunteer (unless they are critiquing something they know nothing about like the critique on Hardball of the documentary no one bothered to watch). Something still smells rotten and if I were you I would seize the chance to get out of there. I mean this member could certainly take over instead of just complaining.
Blogger knit wit, at 4:04 PM  
I'm sure it came from some manversating mouth breather who wanted out of the union last semester but wasn't purged from the rolls immediately, hence the tirade.
Blogger A+, at 5:09 PM  
Dang! I was hopin' I'd get at ya!
-Bobble Head
Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:38 AM  
Ang wrote, "Also, I would think that there are much more important things for the union to worry about. Like, for example, the fact that no one cares about it or wants to have any part in it. You know."

Uh, how about that anyone who is paying attention realizes that the union totally screwed them over and betrayed their trust? Or that there is no contract and that there will ultimately be much eating of crow before any contract will appear?

Thinking about last spring makes me so angry I could.... do things I shouldn't put in writing.

Anyway, imho, do what you feel is right, Dorotha. Maybe you didn't do your job perfectly but chances are nobody else would do it better--I know little about your work but this is almost always the case. Everyone has failings and anyone who worked on it would make some mistakes, of whatever kind. If you want to keep doing the job don't let anyone chase you away. If you don't, then don't let anyone guilt-trip you into staying. Do what you need to do. And all that.
Blogger birdfarm, at 2:25 AM  

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