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Wednesday, July 07, 2004

it's good to want things

why is Welcome Home Roxy Carmichael one of my favorite movies? it is soooo ridiculous.* the dialogue is terrible. the characters all seem to be trapped in their own individual time warps. i think it is partly because i am drawn to charcters with ridiculous names. dinky bosetti of Welcome Home Roxy Carmichael. edna shinglebox of Pardon Me, You're Stepping On My Eyeball. enid coleslaw of Ghostworld. these are all coming of age stories, and i am a sucker for coming of age stories. the girls are all misfits, and i was a misfit, too. but, the girls in these stories are braver than me. they take more risks. i used to joke that i liked coming of age stories so much because i hoped one day to come of age myself. i used to feel like i was still thirteen. everyday, still thirteen. i guess i am not anymore. but, it has been slow. nothing momentous to mark the occassion. it's kind of a shame.

* i think i read somewhere that Welcome Home Roxy Carmichael was supposed to be a lesbian coming of age film. i think this is part of what makes the movie fail. there are weird subplots that might have made sense in that context. two of the women in town are obviously having an affair, and there is tension surrounding that because one of the women obviously had a thing for roxy when they were teens, but the story line is so subtle that i entirely missed it in my first viewing. there is also the weird scene in which dinky shows her guidance counselor her breasts. that doesn't make much sense straight or gay though....
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don't worry dorotha, you'll always be 13 in my eyes! :)

just kidding...

not really....

but it's a good thing, really!

Blogger sep, at 1:22 PM  
This is an inappropriately placed comment because it isn't about your movies (or maybe I'll put something about that toward the end) but I just wanted to tell you that you have a fantastic set of colors on your blog now. DON'T CHANGE A THING!! It's dramatic, easy to read and over all cool.
Okay, about movies -- I, too, love coming-of-age movies. There are very few good ones made in the US. A friend asked me once what the big deal was, why I was so addicted to them, after all, she said -- nothing happens! That's it precisely! It all happens inside the head, behind the scenes. The French are terrific at them -- I adore them all.
As for victimized teens who then get even -- well, nothing can beat Georgy Girl, though others have tried the revenge theme as well. GG is dated, but a classic nonetheless.
Sorry about the length of this. I know comments are supposed to be short. I'm still studying blogger rules.
Blogger nina, at 1:35 PM  
Hey, it's easy to be brave when your life runs according to a script. Unfortunately for you and I, real life is more of an act at the Improv.
Blogger Drek, at 2:41 PM  
i haven't seen roxy carmichael, but i plan to.

great re-design, by the way!

-anonymous philanthropist
Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:52 PM  
that poem she recites in class makes it worth almost any 10 teen films.

plus these lines from the imdb:
Dinky Bosseti: I'm going to laugh at you someday, Gerald Howells.

Dinky Bossetti: Who understands ANYONE these days... who WANTS to?
Gerald Howells: Gosh, I want to kiss you so bad, Dinky...
Dinky Bossetti: It's good to want things...
Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:08 PM  
hey, anonymous. i'm glad you like the film, too. my favorite line is "it's good to want things." it's fantastic. you might notice that it is the title of the post.
Blogger dorotha, at 2:48 PM  
Roxy C really tripped me out, I basically am Dinky Bossetti.
Blogger Chip Bell, at 12:11 PM  

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