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Thursday, July 15, 2004

meandering a bit this time, i'm afraid

i don't know what the problem is, but i haven't felt like posting for a couple of days now. i try to come up with bloggable things, but when i begin to compose them in my head, they go nowhere. my friend carey is on my case becasue she wants a blog shout out (she barely even reads my blog, but whatevs). i walk with carey and lisa weekday mornings. carey told me that today she was trying to be extra interesting so that she might make a blog appearance. i had thougth about writing a post about something she said today and also another day and told her so. she was excited. what i wanted to post about was how a word she uses to mean "something icky" is the same thing that my brother called his imaginary friend when he was but a child. we tried to figure out how to spell it.

carey: i imagine that it is spelled G-O-O-J... definitely not with a U. then it would sound to much like "gyuge".
me: yes, and people might confuse it with gouge. or pronounce it "g-ewe-owe-j"
carey: shut up! i think my spelling is a good spelling! anyway, that's the same way that i would spell "mooj".
me: what's that mean?
carey: you know when you go "merp" to someone. [while saying "merp" she is poking me in the arm]
me: ah, yes. that explains everything. just like when you go "merp" to someone.
carey: shut up!
me: you are a crazy person.

anyway, i guess i am going to spell gooj g-o-o-j for this post. my brother had an imaginary friend named gooj when he was a kid. gooj was a police officer and stood about 2 feet high. he had a son named gooja. i couldn't see gooj and gooja, but our neighbor jonathan could. i was very jealous because the four of them would often play together. i also thought there was something defective about my imagination because i saw right through their imaginary friend. i just couldn't believe.
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I knew that guy! yeah, but his name was Goodge. Wasn't no j to it.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:45 PM  
I'm on the boat with Goodge, too. Gooj looks like somebody's last name that would be pronounced differently than it's spelled, like Brett Favre. John Gooj = John Jhu-osh.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:21 PM  
yah. i prefer goodge myself, but this was carey's choice of spelling and i said i'd go with it. i can ask my kid brother how he imagined it spelled, but we harrieds are notoriously bad at spelling.
Blogger dorotha, at 4:39 PM  

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