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Monday, July 12, 2004

movies in my head

yesterday drek posted about the badger scale of rating films. basically, according to drek, this is how the badger system works:

"So, the badger-scale instead provides a potential viewer with an idea of the amount of pain that the movie in question will inflict. Specifically, a movie gets a badger-scale rating equal to the number of angry badgers that would have to be attacking your body to equal the pain caused by the film. Thus, positive badgers means a movie is bad, and negative badgers means it's good, with zero badgers indicating indifference."

last night, i happened across a list i made of films that other people claim are good, but that i hate with passion. the list is not complete as it was written while chatting with friends in a coffee shop in december of 2000. i'm not going to bother linking these films. i'm sure you all can use the internet movie database on your own. anyway, here is my list: Fight Club, Virgin Suicides, The Crow, Stargate, Philadelphia, The Lion King, and any movie with tom hanks except for Joe vs. the Volcano (which i love).

there are also some terrible movies which i love just because they are bad. i am quite the fan of D.C. Cab and of Midnight Madness. i would have to give those negative badgers despite their absolutely terrible writing, acting, and basic premises.

nina likes good things, but i tend to like things flawed. chipped plates, crooked pony tails, chewed on fingernails... i don't mean to say that these things are the same as bad movies. i guess i just mean that allowing for some imperfection now and then makes me feel better about my own imperfection. things like D.C. Cab, which are so bad they are absurd, make me feel as good as taking off wet socks and jumping in a hot shower after a rainstorm.
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Hey, imperfections are the bread of life. They make it interesting. But I'm not for rejecting niceness just because it's 'nice.' Nice is getting a bad rap these days and I'm sticking up for it. You should be on my side -- you fight for the underdog, don't you?
Blogger nina, at 4:56 PM  
I feel like I must weigh in here and say that Midnight Madness isn't a bad movie - it's a Disney movie, what can you expect. Come on, Stephen Furst from Animal House? A young Paul Reubens? David "I'm a Pepper" Naughton? Michael J. Fox's feature-film debut? That's good stuff!
Blogger A+, at 5:31 PM  
I 2nd your list of movies that people claim are good but really aren't (especially fight club, virgin suicides and any tom hanks movie). I would also add "the royal tannenbuams" to that list as well, but maybe I'm the only one who hated it. It's always on the "employee favorites" at the Bongo near me and I never understand why.
Blogger knit wit, at 1:40 PM  

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