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Saturday, July 10, 2004

open up your mouth and feed it

today i went with lisa and carey to the art fair on the square and the farmers' market. the art fair on the square is pretty terrible, and was a only a little bit better than the only other time i have been. it does, however, provide me with the opportunity to look for funnel cake. funnel cake is a bigger deal in texas than up north, but in a state that loves fried stuff, you can count on one place to sell it in any fair like setting. i purchased and ate almost all of a funnel cake by myself. yummy! my question for my readership is this: if i find pancakes, cinnamon rolls, and donuts to be so repulsive that the thought of them triggers my gag reflex, why is it that i love fried cakey batter topped with sugar?
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I have heard of "funnel" cake before, but I've lived in Texas all my life and if I've ever eaten any, it's because somebody just said, "Here's some cake" and I ate it and said, "That was good" and I never knew what it was. But here's the solution: I never go to fairs, not since I was a kid and back then I was only interested in the foot-long hot dogs. Another psychic demon exorcised! I'd clean up the mess before leaving, but it's just too icky...
Blogger Ron Southern, at 11:53 PM  
it's because it's not a "breakfast" food. you have a negative association with breakfast. this is because of the typical groggy feelings one has when one wakes up. the stomach is not prepared for the day yet. and the light, the terrible light, burns, burns, make it go away, aah.

if you feel that awful in the morning and someone shoves icky bready gooey things onto your plate, they're not going to be appetizing. you will develop a distaste for those particular items. however, if you are at a fun fair in the afternoon - awake, lighthearted, chirpy, and someone offers you light delicious sugar-fried funnel cake, you take it and enjoy, and find the whole experience very pleasantly un-breakfasty.

this is my theory, that which is mine, which i have just related.

-anonymous philanthropist
Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:45 AM  
the answer is obvious... no one's mother would ever give their child funnel cake for breakfast, one usually dislikes whatever form of discipline they received and eating breakfast for some was just that. funnel cake on the other hand was a "treat"! that's my freudian answer.

as for ron's post, i've read it three times, slowly now and still don't get it. whaaat?
Blogger sep, at 12:55 PM  
I think in the north-eastern coastal state I come from we called funnel cake "fried dough". even though when I just googled the 2 I learned there are differences in how they are made, but they look the same. And we would eat them with powdered sugar too. i wouldn't associate them with breakfast food but then again I never thought donuts were good for breakfast- they make a better snack.
Blogger knit wit, at 1:01 PM  
michelle offered me pie tonight. i realized that i also hate pie, but that i love (love!) cobbler. make that make sense!
Blogger dorotha, at 11:15 PM  

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