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Monday, July 05, 2004

phoning home

i need to call my parents for some advice, and i am reluctant to ask for it. i'm a little bit scared to talk to anyone about it. thankfully, i am seeing my therapist on thursday (or wednesday?). still, i am going to call my parents in a few minutes to keep them apprised of the situation. [don't get freaked out, readers. it isn't that big a deal.] i really only want to speak to my mom about it, but, if my dad is home, i will have to speak to him, too. it isn't that i don't like my dad, i do, it is just that he's awkward to speak with and especially distant and recalcitrant over the phone. sometimes after i speak with him, i think, "gosh! to think we have known each other for 28 years!" i might not have to speak with my dad. there is always a chance that he is out of town. the funny thing is, my parents never tell me when my dad is out of town, but they often call to tell me that he has returned home. i think my mother does it so that i won't worry that my dad has disappeared in some foreign land, but it would be more meaningful if i knew that he was ever gone to begin with. i believe that my dad might actually be in germany today. or england.
8:15 PM


so how did it go? (you may make your response as cryptic as you like.)

-anonymous philanthropist
Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:36 AM  
well, my dad was in texas, so the phone call was short. i believe he is leaving for frankfurt tomorrow. my mom is going to call again and talk to me more. they were generally pretty nice. eh.
Blogger dorotha, at 8:56 AM  
ooh, that is cryptic. especially the "eh" part. "frankfurt" makes me think of hot dogs, hmmm. and "pretty nice" makes me think of Miss America. wait, i think i've got it! could this have something to do with you trying out for the miss america pageant and you're thinking of making your special talent be dressing up as a hot dog?!? yes! you gave it all away. the biggest clue was your use of the word, "mom". let's just say it betrayed you. i still haven't figure out the "eh" part. you wrap a good noodle, i mean riddle.

seriously though, i hope everything's going okay.

-anonymous philanthropist
Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:01 AM  
hiya dorothably, i hope everything is ok. if you need a break you know you're always welcome out here in the wilderness. we'll make bread and smell flowers, and of course do laundry. hang in there!
Blogger birdfarm, at 8:16 PM  

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