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Monday, July 12, 2004

raindrops on roses and all that rot

nina has reminded me that i am a supposed champion of the underdog. i should hope that is true. she argues that, at least of late, "nice" is the underdog. if it truly is, i have to say that i still dislike nice things. i really do like flawed things, but i wonder if they aren't also nice. i think this is partly a problem of definitions. nina gives two examples. one is of people complaining that a day is "too nice" and the other is about a classical guitarist. in the first case, it does seem a bit odd that a day could be too nice, but it doesn't seem odd to think that what is a nice day to one person may not be a nice day to another. i tend to be more tolerant of heat than some of my friends from more northern climes. i might think a hotter day was nicer than they would. on the other hand, if a day truly was nice in a way that would be appealing to many people, it might not be a great idea to attend the art fair because the crowds would not be "nice". then again, the day of the art fair was not actually nice, in my opinion, but too hot and bright. but, because sunny days are usually described as "nice" and rainy days as "icky" a sunny, hot, horrible day could easily be "too nice". see? definitions.

in the second example that nina gives, she uses nice to mean perfection. i really don't like perfection for just the reasons i mentioned in my last post.

so, anyway, i'm just not sure what the underdog is in this case, except to say that it is a bit slippery. i guess if nice turns out to be perfection then, in this case, i'm not rooting for the underdog. i still think perfection has a leg up on me, even if most people like me better.
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What if you came across a person who was PERFECTLY mean and icky? Would you still hate perfection?
Good points throughout your post, but I still maintain that it is cooler than cool not to find nice things appealing. And I dislike running with the popular trend or set -- something that you should DEFINITELY appreciate!
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this post was very nice.
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