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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

still in texas

i didn't have an internet connection for a few days because i was hanging out on the beach with my family.  it was both fun and terrifying.  my mom has eight siblings.  she is the third oldest, and cassidy, monkey-boy, and i are considerably older than most of our cousins. our few days at the beach were completely dominated by the shouting and frolicking of children between the ages of 5 and 13.  we barely slept and as a result of lack of sleep and general hubub, i had about 4 panic attacks.  but, it was still a blast.  my nephew, simon, was a riot, as usual.  some of my mom's siblings with older kids (14 through 23) stayed in a "fishing cabin" in another town.  on the way home from the fish fry at the cabin, simon was bored, and invented this game in which we had to imagine things that would make it MORE dangerous if he were flying a plane.  so, besides having a five year old without a pilot's license at the controlls, we came up with having broken glass on the seat, honey on the steering wheel, miniature ferries giving off icky exhaust at the back of the plane, and something that my brother suggested that i can't remember. 

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