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Saturday, August 07, 2004

good deed for day

tonight i accidently helped a near stranger move. i think this is the way to go. despite the fact that she was having a miserable time after a 12 hour day of fighting with her mother, i was completely unaffected! i didn't know any of them well enough to care who was wrong or right. i am moving next weekend. my parents offered a few times to help out with the move, and i said no each time. nothing is worse than having your parents help with a move. i swear, it brings out the worst parts of my personality when i am understress AND in front of mom and dad. i think i have come up with a brilliant solution to this. i need help with my move, but would prefer the help of strangers. other people need help with their moves, too. i will set up some sort of friends and family service in which you people could donate their time to a move on behalf of someone, but then help an entirely different person move! genius, no?
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