the wrong side of the bed

Sunday, August 01, 2004

pretty soon you're bound to spill it

despite having an amazingly serendipitous experience today, and then spending an hour floating on the residual joy, i find myself a little grumpy now. shit, couldn't i just learn to expect what i get from life? it is like i always want amazing treats to fall right into my lap. perhaps everyday when i get home i could have at least 4 messages from people wanting to see me. old friends who live far away could write me letters at least once a week. avocado could be a component of every meal. i could have magical hair that would grow or shrink at my will so that i could have different hairstyles depending on my mood. doctors would call me to set up appointments instead of the other way around. food would never rot in my refrigerator. i would always have socks to perfectly match my outfits.
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