the wrong side of the bed

Friday, August 20, 2004

somebody called at your name

i know, i know. it has been so long since my last post, which itself was unsatisfactory at best. my life has just been so... uninteresting? i moved. i packed. i moved. i unpacked. not much to say. i sweat. i shower. i break down boxes. i wonder where things are. i strip the skin off my fingers with toxic cleaners. i sleep. i check my email. i have no stories to tell. nothing to say at all. certain friends have made me laugh. certain friends have made my feel soul-weary. my family provides emotional stability, and i am grateful. i sleep. i shower. i eat. i wonder what you are doing, but i don't ask. i can't find my phone. the line isn't hooked up yet, then it is. my eyes hurt like i have spent the day at the pool. i need to trim my finger nails.
12:35 PM


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