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Thursday, August 26, 2004

summer in the small city

why, why, why do people set off fireworks every night during the summer? is it really that much fun? i mean, they are basically just setting off the kind that make noise. they don't even look cool. just noise. and, because i lived in new haven for a while, i always initially think that i am hearing gun shots. i suppose that i should be relieved and yet i am irritated. but, i am always irritated.

have i mentioned that i am covered in a film because of the humidity? yucksville.
9:23 PM


Agreed on all counts! I *hate* the stupid fireworks kids! Don't they know that there are old crotchety people around that they are bothering? Or perhaps that is why they do it. I have all sorts of noise-producing/reducing paraphenalia around (earplugs, lots of fans) to block out the noise, but those stinkin' fireworks sounds can penetrate lead.

And, ick, I am utterly grossly hot and stickified and it's my birthday. That doesn't seem right.
Blogger careyoke, at 9:53 PM  
My former in-laws would speak in v. serious tones, and say that their oldest son, an artist in Brooklyn, would never know if he was hearing fireworks or gun shots during the summer. "That's New York," they'd say.

Here in the 'burbs two night's ago, a car alarm went off in error. That took us all to our picture windows.

As for the horrible weather, I find there are three quick fixes, especially if you've no A/C:

1. Wash your face.
2. Switch to sandles.
3. Change your underware.
Blogger Belle Reve, at 9:02 AM  
ah, belle! you are assuming i wear underwear!
Blogger dorotha, at 10:57 AM  
I was asuming your underware needed to be changed.
Blogger Belle Reve, at 11:00 AM  

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