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Monday, September 06, 2004

i want candy!

the other day at the grocery store, on a whim, i bought some bubble gum. it was (unfortunately) sugar free bubble yum. good for blowing bubbles, but the taste is a bit off. today i purchased regular (yay!) bubble yum and some rain-blo gum. rain-blo has the tendency to get stuck on your face after the bubbles pop, but tastes sooooo tooth-rotting-ly good! anyway, My 1950's Dad and i are chewing away as we read our respective sociological texts here in our office. i got gum stuck in my hair for a bit, but Dad didn't seem to notice.

chewing bubble gum makes me feel like a kid. i guess kids do chew more bubble gum than adults, but why? what makes blowing bubbles undistinguished? i'm going to fight this tooth and nail. expect to see me wandering the halls of social science smacking loudly with sweet bubbles bursting in my face. i am a trendsetter and expect to see tenured faculty members shortly following suit.
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