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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

just not the same

i don't know what it is, but ever since i moved, i haven't been able to blog. maybe i just am not settled yet. my friend sean once blamed his (pretty mild, all things told) year long depressive slump on a cross town move, and i always made fun of him for it. now i am regretting my words. i'm not depressed, just not yet comfortable in my new skin. add to that the beginning of a new semester! i don't know when i will be able to once again delight my public with pithy rants and witty raves!

i will, however, give you a teaching tip that i heard from steph and jamie tonight. if you are talking too much in class, or have some how gotten mired down in giving instructions for an assignment, loudly tell your students to go and they will hop to and do whatever work it is that needs to be done. i hope, though i didn't ask, that this also works with discussion. on a similar note, i am happy to report that i have the most talkative students that i have ever experienced so far this semester! seriously! a student today asked me a question and another student actually said, "may i try to answer that?" go for it, kids! if i never have to talk or prepare for class again, i will be the luckiest TA on bascom hill.
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I'm lucky in teaching this semester too--I have students who talk the whole time in class!! woo-hoo! we are cool and lucky.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:02 PM  
er, that "cool and lucky" comment was from jamie, by the way...apparently I'm not cool enough to sign my post.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:03 PM  
that's weird, because i too have been unable to go to kung fu class since i moved. i think there's something similar going on.

-anonymous philanthropist
Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:30 PM  

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