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Thursday, September 02, 2004

my fellow americans

because i know i am going to get a lot of shit about this tomorrow, i thought i would preemptively remind my readers that the prez is not really a texan. please remember that he was born in new haven, CT.* texans aren't all bad people anyway. they don't all carry guns either.

* okay, okay. i was born there, too. but some of us from the nutmeg state are pretty good.
10:09 PM


do people really give you shit about being from texas because of W? no offense to "people," but that is really stupid.

happy first day of school!
Blogger birdfarm, at 11:03 PM  
It's not Texans' fault that Bush likes to co-opt all things "manly" and "texan" to make a case for his crazy cowboy foreign policy. CSPAN showed a bunch of the CT delegates last night wearing red white and blue cowboy gear. Give me a break.
Blogger knit wit, at 7:31 AM  
Hell, V, people give me shit for being from Florida just because a few morons can't figure out how to fill out a ballot. The ability of folks to make asses of themselves appears limitless.

I know what you mean, dorotha. Dubya gives gun-toting redneck hicks a bad name... and I should know, that describes some of my best friends.
Blogger Drek, at 11:56 AM  

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