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Friday, September 10, 2004

the silent treatment

i really, really, really keep meaning to blog, but then i don't. i swear i'm trying. but, you won't hear from me for the rest of the day despite my good intentions. i'm getting my wisdom teeth removed. after that, i plan to sort of lie on the couch and drool.

my mom is hear to help me out. i've already accidently said "weird-ass" and "fucking" in front of her. what will i say when i am all doped up?

i told my mom that she could post to my blog, but she isn't going to.
7:31 AM


WARNING: best getting wisdom teeth removed story up ahead. try and top it!!!

so it's my 21st birthday, right? what do i do? i get my wisdom teeth pulled and while i'm at it, some cavities. oh no! there's like a hook in one of the tooths! and the dentist had no idea. so like i am in serious pain. even though shots of local anesthetic were used several times over, my gums is sore! so i go home to my parent's house, right? and i sit there on my parent's bedroom floor and try to eat pho noodle soup. pho has never betrayed me like this. also, i watch a rented copy of the full monty. it becomes a hideous thing to me, this film. so there i am, i'm now 21 and i have no friends and i'm sitting on my parent's bedroom floor with my mouth stuffed with cotton, bleeding profusely, and getting betrayed by vietnamese cuisine.

-anonymous philanthropist
Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:41 AM  
Hey, good luck! When I got my wisdom teeth out I woke up the next morning with a mouth full of semi-congealed blood. This is a great deal more disgusting than you would really think just hearing about it.

Take it easy!
Blogger Drek, at 11:14 AM  
I'm happy to post that I've just got off the phone with Mrs. Harried, and our Dorotha is fine and good and at home a'sleeping and a'drooling.
Blogger Belle Reve, at 12:57 PM  
Your mother, on the other hand, has agreed to post on my blog.
Blogger jeremy, at 9:16 AM  

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