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Friday, September 03, 2004

things that i am stewards of

i am not a steward for my department this year, thank goodness. i am done volunteering for the union. my spirit has been crushed just about enough, thank you. i am like the mint in a mint julep. this afternoon i am doing a tiny bit of work for the union, and i expect the pestle to come down pretty hard.

i am not a steward for katy's heart. i think she does a fine job of it on her own, though she may be left stinging sometimes. katy is very good at letting people in, and i hope that i am there at least a little bit.
10:37 AM


Oh my little Ms. Mint, you are! Is this even in question? Hanging out with you doesn't sting, even when you are insulting my loved ones or kicking my butt in Tetris Battle Gaiden. *Especially* then.
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