the wrong side of the bed

Friday, October 22, 2004

snappy new day

i am starting my day in a mood. here are things that i am doing to exacerbate this:

1. i have decided not to shower. i mostly do this for the benefit of those around me, but fuck 'em. i'm not doing it.

2. i am listening to Catpower. i have been doing this every morning for a week. i think by tomorrow i won't want to leave my bed. thank goodness it will be saturday.

3. i am eating ice cream for breakfast. my fridge is full of beer, rotting produce, cheese, and ice cream. i think i have made the best decision. starting my day this decadently makes me sad, though. do i deserve ice cream for breakfast? unlikely.

add to this that i have to write a short paper by noon. add to this that a friend is annoyed with me. add to this that i have been remiss in my responsibilities to my girl scout troop and the other leaders have been doing all of the work. add to this that i seem incapable of taking out my garbage.

7:13 AM


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