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Friday, October 08, 2004

three things, two of which are related

first - someone commented on a couple day old post of mine that i had used a word that is not a word (earnesty). yeah? so? anyway, this reminds me of two things:

i) when my friend clare and i were in high school, we had the same conversation over and over again about a word she liked to use. the problem was that it wasn't a word. i don't guess i really care anymore, but the word that is not that she chose to use is "stomple".

ii) when my friend adam was in high school, he insisted on pronouncing the "h" in honest. it was an annoying affectation.

second - on my walk home just now, i noticed that the rain had knocked many yellow leaves onto the ground. i love yellow leaves especially much and look forward to seeing them contrasting against the asphalt in the church parking lot i cut across when i walk to school in the morning.
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ah, leaves changing in the fall...that's something I miss about yr corner of the world. moving here, I didn't realize how boring the fall colors are. oh well. one more thing I miss about home. at least here I have an awesome 2-bedroom for $500.

miss you, dorotha. I have neat stuff to mail you but I am colossolly lazy and never get to it.

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