the wrong side of the bed

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

And theres a good chance everytime of the day I'll be thinking of you in the nicest way

tired of being single? who isn't? yeah, it is time to get proactive! but, actual people are such a pain in the ass. what to do?

i reccently read about websites that offer services that a real girlfriend might offer. no, no, not like that! this is just some of the ephemera that might clutter up your life if you, you pathetic loser, actually had someone to love. these girls will send you letters and emails and show an interest in your life. fan-fricking-tastic! i think that i am going to create for myself an imaginary boyfriend. i can talk about him with my co-workers. it will be awesomely awesome. maybe we can go for weekend getaways to the circus world museum in baraboo. we might go out to stoughton and lie on the hood of his car just to look at the stars. i can tell people about all of the little spats we have. i can complain about the way he eats with his arms on the table.

i think i will have to buy myself a locket to put his picture in.
11:39 AM


You have much bitterness.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:03 PM  
i may be bitter, but my honey loves me anyway. he says that it is just one of my many charms. in fact, he ranks it between being manipulative and having a sick fascination with alf.
Blogger dorotha, at 3:51 PM  
JF and I went to the circus world museum once when I was visiting WI. We saw the world's strongest man. It was thrilling! And way better than the House on the Rock, which I did not enjoy very much (except for the Infinity room). Too much clutter. I think you should definitely go to the Circus World Museum with George. He will love it!

Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:35 AM  

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