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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

the count ain't just a muppet on sesame street

i voted this morning, dragging a reluctant friend along with me. i always feel good when i vote, but today i just felt apprehension. i'm scared about the outcome of this election and the prospect of endless lawsuits challenging the results distresses me. and what about challenging voters at the polls in ohio? that's just fab.

add to this that i did not receive an "i voted" sticker at the poll. i must have engaged in something other than voting. i'm sure this means that my ballot and the ballots of everyone who lives near james madison park will promptly be thrown into lake mendota.
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...and then eaten by an animatronic bear? I am suggesting this because it will give you a good reason to fight it on stage in front of your students. VOTER FRAUD! This will be a valuable lesson to impart to our nation's university students. "Animatronic Bear, your belly is filled with the Fruits of Democracy! PREPARE TO BARF UP THE JUSTICE!"
-anonymous philanthropist
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