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Saturday, November 20, 2004

it was a day like any other

tonight i have to go to a silly potluck for my area in the sociology department. even though i see these people all the fricking time at school, i am still made nervous by social interactions with them. since i am not driving i will probably drink too much. then i will say something ridiculous to a faculty member who will then think me an even bigger idiot. why am i so bad with living things? this reminds me that i need to water my plant.

last night, barney and i had a really relaxing evening. after girl scouts, i was too tired to do much of anything other than veg out. we had mac & cheese and veggie corndogs for dinner. super yummy. for me, it is boxed mac & cheese all the way. i know, the kind your mom used to make is supposed to be the "comfort food" version, but this is the kind my mom used to make! after that, we watched Edward Scissorhands. really, barney watched it. i fell asleep halfway through. i love lazy evenings. tonight will be the opposite. urgh.
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that "sue"... such a character!
-anonymous philanthropist
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