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Monday, November 22, 2004

a real good time

my high school classes began at 7:25. when i was younger (okay, and still now), i was a little bit neurotic about time. i lived about a 5 minute drive from school, but i still insisted on leaving home at 6:45 to get there on time. this meant i often got one of the best parking spots, right next to the reserved spots for the coaches.* it also meant that i arrived when it was still a little bit dark out. i love this time of day. the world always seems so still. i love 5:30 even better because, for a moment, i feel like i might be one of only a handful of people alive in the whole fricking world. people overwhelm me. but, the best thing about getting to school this early was definitely dawn. the sky would be this amazing color of blue and the sodium lights in the parking lot of my school would glow all yellow-orange in the sky. as i got out of my car, i would take a moment or two to just look. then i would go into school and sit alone in my classroom reading horror novels.

this morning, barney "sue" woke me up at six so we could drive around town looking for the best parking lot with the best sodium lights. then we watched the sky turn from black to blue and i remembered that even though i hated everything about high school, i actually didn't. some shit is good.

* yes, hankster, this time i do mean "coach".
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