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Saturday, November 06, 2004

reminded me of something about humans

i went to a peace rally today. my friend jon invited me along. he said that he felt like he needed to do something to get rid of the cruddy feelings he had because of the result of the election. i understand. i felt abysmal on the 3rd. more absymal than my normal state even. but, going to the rally did not make me feel much better. oh, it felt good to be with like-minded people and all, but i just couldn't help but think of all of the work ahead of us if we don't want to lose all of the rights that we have gained over the years. when i spoke to my pops on the phone on wednesday morning, i swear i have never heard him sound so dejected. my dad is not a man who shows emotions other than irritation, aggravation, and ire. well, occassionally humor. i had never heard him sad before. i think it must be frustrating to have been around during the civil rights movement and to have been a conscientious objector and then have things slipping back to the same place. if i feel worn down, imagine what my parents must feel, and my 90 year old grandmother who watches CNN and C-SPAN all day long. they have certainly earned their dejection. i tried to tell my students to keep fighting the good fight, but what do i say to the people who taught me that message?

anyway, going to the rally did not make me feel happy on the inside. daydreaming sometimes does, and that's what i will do right now. am i thinking of you?
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