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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

believe it or not, i'm walking on air

with great power comes great responsibility, right? those of us lacking in any talent, myself, for example, are then free of responsibility, right? please say yes! it occurs to met that, if this is the case, i don't need to feel quite so bad about sucking. people with greater ability should have to do all of the neurotic hair-pulling and hand-wringing. i can sit back and relax. so i won't get very far in life? who cares! let's leave that for those with the real skillz. i am so amateur-ville that i've been elected to and subsequently fired from the job of town treasurer. who ran off with the $12.75 we raised for the town moldy tupperware festival? dorotha!?!?!? she's fired! oh, but look, she seems to have fallen asleep in the vestibule of the courthouse. poor thing never made it out the front door. now we won't have to ask for volunteers for the dunking booth this year. well, if we ever got around to getting a dunking booth.

i think i will have mac-n-cheese for dinner.
i wonder if i should change out of my pajamas.
should i take a nap? i'm not that tired, but i sure am bored.
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i'm bored too. man i'm bored. this is my main problem in life. my dilemma. please call me boredo. note that my new name does not in fact rhyme with the border town of loredo. no. i am lord boredo. el boredo gordo.
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