the wrong side of the bed

Monday, January 24, 2005


i am tired and starving. i have to start my fucking day now after having taken a 30 minute nap. socks and shoes, dorotha. then scarf and coat. walk down street and buy coffee and a bagel. you can do it!
7:50 AM


dorotha harried napped
but after, felt like crap'd
all her energy was sapped
wake up! wake up! she slapped
any food ideas were scrapped
her hastiness was apt
so in coat and scarf she wrapped
the way to school was mapped
her hands and lips were chapped
but to the cold she did adapt
she arrived in class unflapped
her audience was rapt
she yapped and yapped and yapped
at every word, they clapped
but suddenly she snapped
they tried to run, were trapped
she'd come to school... well, strapped
blapitty! blap! blap! blap'd
all the students, they got capped!
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