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Sunday, January 30, 2005

i am waiting at the counter for the man to pour the coffee

last night as i was being dropped off at home, we passed by a kinko's which was closed. in madison everything has to close early, i guess, even places that are allegedly 24 hours. it wasn't even 9PM, but i guess there are no late night photocopying needs in our city. even the kinko's in the woodlands (tm) was open 24 hours a day. it was one of the few things that was, at least before you hit the highway. i remember one night when my best friend from high school and i were driving around trying to think of something to do. we wanted to get coffee, but there really weren't many options. there was a diner, but i can't remember why we didn't go there. i think that we had been warned away from it by our parents because there were a lot of truckers there. anyway, clare* eventually drove us to kinko's because they had a table where you could sit and compile things and a machine that dispensed cappucino. we sat there for about an hour laughing and drinking disgusting flavored cappucino until the weird looks from the employees drove us away. i guess they sort of expect you to make copies.

i don't know what clare and i would do for fun in this town. maybe we just wouldn't have any fun at all. am i not having fun and i just don't notice? what does fun feel like?

* this was really my friend's name. it is not a pseudonym and it shouldn't be confused with enthusiastic claire, who spells her name differently anyway, if you'd taken the time to notice.
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in regard to your footnote - i think someone could figure out who you were based on the fact that you spelled claire as clare, claimed it was a pseudonym, and also referred to her as someone you knew in high school. dead give-away, so dead it's undead. don't you think it is so ... AMANDA!
....ohhhhh!... sorry bout that. i done give it away. my bad....
yes, i'm evil. and i accept checks.
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