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Sunday, January 23, 2005

part one: fickle. part two: when you're happy, i'm happy. when you're sad, i'm blue.

so, i feel like blogging now, but i might not later. you should still abandon me for claire. i think i like her better than me right now and you should, too. even though she is sometimes sad, i think her general outlook on life is better than mine.

anyway, here's what i feel like posting about:

when i was an undergrad, i had a friend named gaby. we liked to get breakfast early in the morning. i think i once met her at 5:30AM for no particular reason at all, except maybe because we were both willing to do it. i don't think i would agree to a 5:00AM breakfast - that's a bit too early - but 5:30AM is beautiful. i'm not going to bother to find the link, but i have posted before about how much i love to be awake early. it is fantastic. the world is calm. i am not a calm person. i'm rather intense. when i am happy, holy cow, i am ecstatic. when i am sad, watch out, moping is going to ensue. when i am angry, there are no holds barred. i need a little bit of calm inserted into my life. i will take it wherever i can get it. if that means a 5:30AM breakfast, then i am happy, but not ecstatic, to meet you for eggs and toast.

gaby and i where friends when we were both having difficult times with people that we were (sort of) dating. we were both seeing people that we seemed to care more about than they did of us. we were both seeing people who seemed to like to jerk us around a bit because they could (this is how we felt at the time, in retrospect, i don't think they were that malicious, i think we were just so pathetic that we pestered them into seeing us, and, actually, in gaby's case, she did a lot of the jerking around, too). there was a lot for us to talk about. just tons of stuff. lunches and dinners wouldn't have been enough. we needed those breakfasts, too.

gaby and i would hang out with each other when we wished we were hanging out with our respective love interests. as a result, we hung out a lot until we both started dating people more seriously. when we went through the period in which we were, seemingly by necessity, inseparable, we would joke that we had a co-dependent friendship. there was even a song that, at the time, we both loved tremendously, about co-dependence. we listened to it loudly in gaby's truck while we would drive around austin.

gaby, i know you are in upstate new york, but could you meet me for breakfast? i'd do anything for you. i am too intense and too hungry to face the day alone. i am also too lazy to make my own breakfast.
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wow, i haven't been here in a while. i haven't been anywhere. it's nice to get out of my rut.

anyway, since there were no comments here, i thought i'd comment and say i thought this was an awesome post. an interesting little snapshot of another time in your life, and lots to relate to -- being in a relationship with someone you pestered into going out with you (done that!), bonding & talking endlessly with someone who is perfect for that particular phase of your life, etc.

well, anyway, i liked it. :-)
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