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Thursday, January 13, 2005

torture or tortured?

earlier this evening i was looking through a box of notebooks and office supplies for some blank notecards. since i keep new office supplies mixed in with old, i found the notecards right next to... my old poetry journal from high school! i swear, if you people don't treat me right, i am going to start posting the angsty writings of my youth (as opposed to the angsty writings of my relatively young adulthood) to this blog. don't make me do it!

"oh, wait," dorotha sulks "that will only drive off the few readers i have left."

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i say go ahead and post the poetry. i probably speak for the entirety of the human race when i say that i am curious. (also, as a harriedologist and dorotheist, this is of great interest to me academically and spiritually, you understand)
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