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Sunday, January 23, 2005


okay, remember my previous post expressing hapiness at being up early and all that? well, sometimes it blows. i mean, there is no one to talk to. often i find myself becoming morose on sunday mornings. they are a really hard time for me. i feel especially lonely and isolated on sundays. i guess that is why i was particularly missing gaby today. anyway, what did i do this morning instead of being sad and self-indulgent?* i cleaned my fricking bedroom! you don't understand, this is huge for me. i live in filth. i'm the grossest person alive. i'm the kind of person who would stack an empty pizza box on top of the clean and dirty clothes piled on top of my bed. so, yeah, my room is clean. not perfect, but much improved.

yeah, so fuck you, gaby, for living in another state. i don't need you!!!!

*i might have been a little self-indulgent. i listened to meredith louise miller's ifihadahifi. i especially recommend the song "whole" because it makes me cry every fricking time i listen to it.
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Dorotha -

You aren't alone. Right now I am listening to a Joni Mitchell's Blue. On repeat. And I am procrastinating writing a paper due tomorrow by reading baby blogs and wondering when exactly my ovaries are going to shrivel up from frustration. I'm also creating a new blog, which I will likely abandon in three weeks. And I just put the empty pizza box on my sofa, and my enormous cat is picking at the little crusty bits of cheese from the box. Should I mention that I am late getting her booster shots because I'm poor and can't afford to it, plus the vet always clucks disapprovingly at me because she's fat? He's fat! I'm fat!

Anyway, Sundays afternoons suck.
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