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Thursday, March 10, 2005

i asked my mother, what would i be?

i guess my mom thinks i have really bad taste. i know she does, in fact. often, when she sends me gifts, i have been known to remark to her, "do you even know me?" my mom thinks she does. when i question her choices on clothes she buys for me, mom says things like, "you like bright colors and weird things." well, i do, so i understand her confusion. still, i have never claimed to be a fan of warner brothers or of bedazzling.

from my most recent care package, complete with note from mom.
9:46 PM


i am dying. is this a texas thing?
Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:12 AM  
if it is, you'd better watch out.
Blogger dorotha, at 5:49 AM  
I think your mom and my mom must be long lost siblings, though my mom isn't as quick (or as almost-but-not-quite accurate) with the justification as your mom seems to be.
Anonymous Aster, at 9:01 PM  
in response to stamie's 'is this a texas thing' question, there may be some truth to that. my friend was a middle school teacher in houston and many of his students were hispanic. he noticed that the hispanic girls were very into tweetie bird. they wore tweetie bird shirts, backpacks, used pencils, notebooks, etc. with tweetie's likeness. it may not be a texas thing, but it may be a thing for any place where there are a lot of hispanic female youths, aged 11-13.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:19 PM  
My mom gave me a care package this weekend, because I've been complaining that it's the last week of the quarter and I have all these papers due and life sucks - and anyway the care package was a bag of rice cakes and a book about being a fat woman.
Blogger Corrie, at 12:37 AM  

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