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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

weirdifying effect on the universe

yesterday afternoon i visited the 7th floor restroom before i walked home from school. even if i am travelling somewhere only minutes away, i still hear my mom's voice in my head asking me if i need to go to the bathroom before we leave. is this a common experience? probably. i'm not going to feel weird about it in any case. anyway, the bathroom was empty when i came in. all 4 stalls were free. after i came out of the stall, i washed my hands and used the hand dryer, still alone in the restroom. i glanced over at the sinks and noticed a toothbrush with toothpaste (blue with sparkles? someone is using crest for kids!) sitting in wait. how did that happen? someone came into the restroom to brush her teeth, put toothpaste on the brush, set it down, and left. what kind of social science emergency would pull a person away from brushing their teeth? and even if that happened, why leave the toothbrush? did she think she would come back later to finish brushing her teeth? or was it something else? did she get to the point of brushing her teeth, toothbrush lifted part way to her mouth, and decide that brushing after every meal was just a conspiracy on the part of proctor and gamble? hell with it, she said, and left the brush for some other fool willing to buy into the man's plan.

i'm no fool. i didn't use the toothbrush.
6:29 AM


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