the wrong side of the bed

Sunday, April 10, 2005

a small party

haven't accomplished anything (ever?) this weekend. it isn't the worst thing i've ever done, i guess, but i've only ever done a couple of really bad things. i have been very unproductive many, many times. add them up and i'm not such a good thing anymore.

now i am listening to music that is making me feel out of control. at least i'm not just listening to all of the sad music i have. okay, i'm lying. it is the same music i listen to when sad, it is just reinforcing the feelings of out-of-control-ness that i am experiencing insted of the sadness that i am usually afflicted with.

i used to host a radio show ostensibly for children. only old men listened to it. i wonder if i should put some of those cds in the rotation. i wonder if it would cheer me up or just make me more crazy.

i should start listening to vapid pop music.
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