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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

pity party

ugh. i need to grow up or snap out of it or something. i am so full of self-loathing today.

i want to own a toy store. i should not be a sociologist. what do i do?

update: jeremy had given me a present this morning and he just took it back because i am not studying right now. i don't think this is fair. don't child-rearing books frown on negative reinforcement?

update 2: jeremy gave me back the present on the condition that jon helps me make a schedule to study for my prelim. jon, this may be a lot of work for you, what with all of the whining that i will probably do. sorry. but, hey, the present i got is awesome. devil-headed toothpicks.
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Blogger jonathan, at 12:49 PM  
It is unclear to me why you do not choose to work in a toy store if the desire is so strong. You would not even have to drop out of graduate school to satisfy that longing.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:46 PM  
hey em,
happy late birthday. email me about chicago please please. if you weren't going to be a sociologist you would no longer be part of a cohort. would you open your toystore in madison or open it across the street from toyjoy and put her out of business? no, i can't see you being that cut throat, well, maybe a little. i can only imagine how thick the rules in your employee handbook would be.

Anonymous joe, at 11:18 AM  

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