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Monday, May 09, 2005

you were kinda sorta my best friend

my friend sean is also my ex-boyfriend. he's perhaps the awesomest person in the world, aside from an annoying phobia of rain and a couple of other small things. anyway, he is now officially being represented by the Fredericks Freiser Gallery in NYC. sean and i met when i got a job at the toy store where he was working. on our first shift together, we did that small talk that undergrads do and asked each other about our majors. when he said studio art, i said, "are you good, or do you suck?" way to make a good impression, dorotha. fortunately for me, sean thought i was hilarious. it takes a certain kind of person to see through my surly exterior and realize that there is a surly interior, but appreciate me for it anyway.

so, here's the proof that sean is good and does not suck. he is a bit of a perv, tho. South Mouth, sean? ick!

South Mouth
9:53 AM


Is it wrong that the thing I like best about Sean's stuff is the perviness?
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