the wrong side of the bed

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

i'm a nut, all golden brown/ laying on the hard, cold ground

everybody steps on me
that is why i'm cracked, you see

i was talking to my ex-boyfriend on the phone while i walked to campus after therapy this morning. i was telling him how i was a little bit disappointed with my session because my therapist and i ended up having a conversation about the discipline of sociology and how it differs from the humanities. i thought we were supposed to be working on improving my self-esteem. whatever. i guess my other summer project is being mentally stable enough to take a prelim without getting all fetal position about it, and i guess my therapist sees this as being related to the state of the discipline. i guess. sean asked me when my next appointment was scheduled, and i said i had another at the end of the month. to me, this seems like a lot. sean said, "that's it? i expected you to go twice a week or something."

thanks man. if i'm crazy, you made me that way. okay, of course i'm kidding. it was my dad.
11:45 AM


Do you really see the point of your therapy to be improving your self-esteem?
Blogger jeremy, at 7:48 PM  
no, of course not! i talk to you when i feel i need to improve my self-esteem.
Blogger dorotha, at 7:54 PM  
Yes, I have another trophy for you in my office. Just for being you! A-Plus!
Blogger jeremy, at 8:24 PM  

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